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Grooming is not just an aesthetic issue.
We all love it when our 4-legged friends are clean and smelling good.
But beyond the aesthetic issue, the hygiene of our best friends is also compromised when we don't take proper care.
At our Herdade we offer all services for your dog to be clean and healthy.
We offer the following services:
Bath: We have a space designed so that big dogs who like water can make the most of the moment of relaxation and if your 4-legged friend doesn't like it, he can have a more peaceful and pleasant experience.
Brushing: Brushing serves to maintain the good condition of the coat and to avoid and remove the appearance of knots.
Shearing: We have a specialized team to meet the individual needs of each cut. From a complete clipping, a specific cut depending on the breed or just a hygienic clipping.
Nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing:
Our dogs ears, paws and teeth are often neglected places, however, they can cause serious problems if they are not given the proper attention. In the rhythm of life we lead today, our loved ones often cannot wear their nails naturally, which can cause problems walking and even hurt the pads.
In the case of the ears, the lack of proper hygiene and care can lead to the appearance of otitis or ear scabies.
As for the dentition, it can be said that they are like ours. The longer without a correct brushing, the worse the problem becomes and the more difficult the solution becomes.
In all three cases, prevention and continuous care is always the best option.

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